Picture: © Chris Lanaway, 2010.
The Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit celebrates its tenth anniversary.
Picture: © Chris Lanaway, 2010.

Iggy who?

Iggy Rose was one of Syd Barrett's girlfriends in 1969. She is most famous for being the model on the Syd Barrett album: 'The Madcap Laughs'. Nicknamed Iggy the Eskimo, it was rumoured she was part Inuit.

One day, in 1969, she disappeared out of Syd's life and was not heard of ever since.

Almost four decades later, the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit started to mess with things. Its five years mission: to find Iggy and bring her back to the spotlights. And guess what, with some invaluable help from many, many friends... we did...

At the end of March 2015 the Church closed its doors, although the search for new pictures and movies still continues. Our Tumblr microblog iggyinuit.tumblr.com and its social equivalent facebook.com/iggyinuit are still (daily) updated and really important news will be added as a Newsflash.

Beginning 2017 Iggy Rose decided to leave social media. She died peacefully on the 13th of December 2017, just before her seventieth birthday. Wishing you good luck, Iggy, wherever you are.

Iggy Rose 1947 - 2017: Eskimos and Unicorns.

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Grantchester Meadows, August 2006

St Margarets Square Street Sign
St Margaret's Square Street Sign.

Grantchester Meadows Tribute Day

On the 20th of August 2006 Joanna Curwood organised a Syd Barrett event in Grantchester Meadows in a field behind the Green Man Pub. Most information about this has disappeared in the mists of time but luckily that slightly fantastic Reverend salvaged the Astral Piper page describing the event.

Steve Bassett (aka "Madcapsyd") reported:

I arrived at Grantchester at around 2:30 and made my way to the meadows. The entrance was high up over the River Cam and a few hundred yards away I could see a crowd of people and the sound of See Emily Play was drifting through the air. A healthy turnout of around 100 people were gathered to pay tribute to Roger "Syd" Barrett. A few light showers did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the crowd. I found Joanne and she seemed delighted by the turn out. (...)
There was some communal singing along with the performers and it was great to hear Syd's music being so appreciated by everyone. It was also very encouraging to see some of the children joining in, hopefully becoming the fanbase of future generations. Most of Syd's favourite's were performed including Arnold Layne, Dark Globe, Dominoes, Bike and a great 3 acoustic guitar Astronomy Domine. (...)
On the river there was a steady flow of punts and many "Sunday Strollers", obviously attracted by the music, came to see what was happening. Many of them stayed for the duration. Two members of 70's Cambridge punk band "The Users", Chris Free and Andrew O'Hanrahan, spared me some time to tell me how their lead singer had introduced them to Syd's music.

(Full article and pictures at: Grantchester Meadows Tribute Day.)

Syd Barrett street painting, Maya Deren, 2006.
Syd Barrett street painting, Maya Deren, 2006.

Maya Deren

For this celebration an anonymous ‘street art’ artist created a Syd Barrett painting on a wall at St Margarets Square and the street sign had been changed to ‘shine on’. Insiders pretty well knew it was made by Maya Deren, who probably went under the name Harlequin on the Astral Piper & Late Night forums.

Evening News, Cambridge.
Evening News, Cambridge.

The original Barrett street painting was rapidly removed but copies appeared later on other street walls and on various exhibitions. Pictures of these different Sydcarnations can be found on Maya's Flickr and a pretty complete gallery is present on our own Tumblr account, where this article was originally published.

Many thanks to: Steve Bassett (Madcapsyd), Joanna Curwood, Maya Deren, Dion Johnson, Joanne Milne (Charley).
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